Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Music to My Ears {Slice of Life}

It's high school scheduling here and next year for the first time and only time I will have two daughters in high school together.  My heart is tugging a bit at this thought because my baby will be a freshman and I will have my second senior year to enjoy.  My first senior year experience involved scheduling a double late start.  Our students can plan late starts and early releases for up to two periods.  I anticipated one of these options being presented to me for our second senior year...

A:  "Mom, can you look at my schedule."

Me:  "It all looks good but I don't see a late start or early release.  Did you want to do that, N did."

A:  "Why would I do that, there are things I want to learn about."

She stopped me right in my tracks.  I think my reply was, "Oh, okay."  I should of stopped and shouted, "YAHOO - I have a daughter who chooses to learn.  I have a daughter who wants to learn.  I have a daughter who enjoys learning."  "You go girl, soak it all in and enjoy your senior year of high school."

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life writing community.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

She Made Me Laugh and More... {Slice of Life}

This morning she made me laugh.

After getting her out of a pair of overalls with a broken zipper she asked me from the top of the stairs..."Do you have a pair of overalls?"  I burst out laughing and said no.  Then I remembered all my overalls.  My full length overalls that I loved to wear with my black turtle neck thin sweater - not a bulky sweater.  Then there was my short length overalls with the folded cuff that I loved to wear with a white sleeveless t-shirt like tank.  They were so comfortable and quite in fashion when I started teaching.  I had overalls year round and I thought they were cute and fun!  

I had one more pair of overalls and I wouldn't say they were cute and fun!  They ended my overall ownership.  They had a purpose and served me well but maternity overalls just weren't the same.  They weren't the same weight of denim.  They weren't the same cut.  They weren't the same shade.  They were big.  I felt like I was wearing a tent.  But to give them a fair chance I didn't really like any maternity clothes. After probably over wearing my maternity overalls, I swore I'd never own a pair again.

But just maybe, these fond memories and being able to save the day for one very cute daughter requires me to give this life decision a second look.  Which requires a whole set of questions to investigate.  Are overalls in style again?  Can a mama of teenage/college kids wear overalls?  I've heard if you wore something once and the style returns you shouldn't wear them the second time around.  Is that true?  After mulling these questions over, I realize some times you can't save the day and you don't need to rush into something so you can save the day.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life writing community.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Finding My Mojo {Celebrate This Week}

This weekend I'm celebrating finding my mojo - the art or practice of casting magic spells.  Now I must share right away I know I can't cast magic spells in reality however, I can create opportunities for possibilities.  Possibilities for students to have choice.  Possibilities for students to share their voice.  Possibilities for students to share their learning to teach others.  Possibilities for students to publish their thinking.  Possibilities to work with purpose and intent.  

I decided to close my writing teaching resource.  I decided to use the webs we created to collection information about guinea pigs which helped us understand our new class pet and create a planning sheet for student's to plan their own informational book.  Their planning sheet included a spot to choose their page topics and a checklist for nonfiction features to include.  I checked their plan and then I got busy talking to a student.  When I looked up, I was a bit surprised and thrilled to see how engaged every student was.  It was beautiful.  It was purposeful.  It was magic and my mojo was back.  

My mojo includes teacher choice; taking curriculum standards/goals and finding a meaningful way to foster student learning with purpose.


Thank you Ruth at Ruth Ayers Writes for encouraging us to find daily celebrations in our lives.  If you want to read more positive things stop by this week's post, Love is An Apple Core.