Thursday, January 5, 2012

OLW - foreshadow

I had a thought the other day.  I think my word change was brewing in my life before I realized it.  In the past three weeks I've done two things to be an advocate for change.  I didn't pick change to be an advocate but then there are surprises in life.  My district offered a full day K option this year as a pilot in an attempt to meet full day K requirements that have been lifted from Ohio districts.  We are not offering this option next year and I felt it was time to share some frustrations, observations, and thinking with our top administrators.  Not only do we need to think about returning these full time teachers and classes back to multiple buildings, we need to look at our K attendance schedule (which has been 5 days within two weeks), the Common Core, and how we can make young learners more of a priority.  I did get a response.  There is timeline to discuss the future of K and I should look for an email.  Yea.

Then next week our school is hosting our first Blood Drive.  Tomorrow I will share a piece of writing my mother wrote for our local newspaper 30 years ago reflecting on her own days of donating blood and then her experiences of needing donated blood with our entire school community.  Again, hoping to change people's minds and increase the number of pints being donated.  I am personally making a change and donating blood for the first time myself and I've had this on my to do list for quite some time.  

I didn't expect to be advocating for change when I chose this word.  I wonder if you have any unexpected surprises with your One Little Word.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OLW - just right

In picking OLW - one little word, each year I've found there is a time when something happens and it confirms my word choice.  This year change felt right late one night.  My second daughter is in middle school and has begun the phase of hibernating with a book and reading for long periods of time.  I decided to "visit" her before bed time and read my own book on my Kindle Fire.  However, I wasn't really reading at times.  My mind wandered and I thought this feels right.  We were physically close and it felt good just being next to her.  I reflected to having infants and how comforting it was to just hold them.  It just seemed to bring a deep sense of being.  I also thought, if she will allow me to lay or sit near her and do my own reading then I need to accept this.    It's a change in how we usually spend time but she is going to be making many changes and I will need to change with her.  Then I have to pat myself on the back for these thoughts and confirm I am so much smarter the second time around raising a middle school daughter.  What was your just right moment in selecting your OLW?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OLW - invitation

"A year from now, you will wish you started today."   - Karen Lamb

In my email from Ali Edwards she prompted OLW users to think of their word as an invitation and list what their word is hoping to bring forth.  I created this list;  storytelling, better health, writing, creativity, balance, joy, and worship.  All things that could get really big but remember my changes are to be on the smaller side in life.  Let me explain a bit more.

Storytelling -  I know I am missing stories each day as they happen here with three girls.  I want to be more thoughtful in capturing those.  I enjoy scrapbooking but have not made much time for it in the past and sometimes it seems way too overwhelming to begin.  However, stories don't just  happen at home.  They happen in the classroom and I think it's important for our children to tell and write their own stories.  I also think it's important to share with parents stories of their children.  

Better health  - I've said for a while now I am going to run a 5K.  I practice and increase my stamina.  I get close and then things get in the way.  But I also think better health includes being outside, gardening, and eating.  

Writing - I want to grow more as a writer this year here within my blog and also write more outside this forum.  This may be personal and professionally.  

Creativity - In my classroom and out of my classroom.  I know I am happier when I make things.  I am more happier when my students are making things and they are too.  There is excitement and enthusiasm.  We all should be doing to learn and show learning.  I have several hobbies I want to dabble more in or just make a little bit of time for more consciously.

Balance - I'm hoping with small changes my inner core will feel more balance.  I tend to work a lot, as all teachers do.  However, the poem NOW by Regie Routman is staying with me this year.

Joy - which really could be part of my blog title, Enjoy.  Life gets busy.  I just need to realize I am enjoying everything right now.  My grandmother would often comment and seem to admire how I do all that I do and would advise me this would all end quicker than I think - when things were good and when things may not be so good.

Worship - I attend church once in a while, it does seem to be the one thing I let slide working full time.  However, I do enjoy and feel better inside when I take an hour out of a week to sit and listen to the message being shared.  I just hope to go more.

I hope you might think about what your word is inviting you to do.  Invitations are exciting.  I know it's exciting to gather with others and I'm excited to gather myself around this thinking I've shared with you.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

OLW - My word means...

As my friend Cathy quickly pointed out in yesterday's comments CHANGE is a BIG word.  Yes it is and I was worried about how big change seems.  In my initial thinking I didn't want change to suggest the intention of those huge changes  life; new house, car, remodeling projects that redesign a house, baby, divorce, new career and so on.  I'm taking a class, One Little Word at Big Picture Scrapbooking where Ali Edwards guides participants with monthly emails which helps us keep our word present during the year with reflection, photography, and writing.  

This month we are spending time getting to know our word.  Change can be a noun.  As a noun it means something made different, alteration.  I inferred this could be big, small or somewhere in the middle.  I really did like these synonyms I found using a thesaurus;  adjustment, break, refinement, novelty, switch, turn, shift, transformation, revision, variety, conversion, diversification, difference and variation.  

While the definition I found for change is a noun I'm also treating it like a verb to help guide positive changes.  The words I collected from the thesaurus confirmed any of my changes can have varying levels.  I purposefully chose the word break for guidance in saying no or not doing something for a while.  Thanks for joining my journey.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and One Little Word

Photo via Flicker & Cangaroojack

Happy New Year 2012 and I wanted to share with you my One Little Word for 2012.  Instead of creating a New Years Resolution and always wanting to have many I've chosen to participate in the One Little Word project and ideas from scrapbooker/storyteller Ali Edwards.  The past four years I have chosen enjoy, aware, nuture, and discover.  They have helped me do a lot of thinking as the year begins and as life gets back to normal I try my best to continue thinking about them.  This year as I thought about my previous choices I don't know if I really feel any constant follow through.  I'm great at creating plans and organizing things.  Little truth be known my family makes jokes all the time about my "overuse" of the alphabet system.  However, I still haven't run my 5K.  I dabble in lots of things so I went searching for a word that would maybe be more present, causing a difference in my life.

I am welcoming the word - CHANGE for 2012.  Stay tuned for more thinking this week.