Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Slice of Life - I couldn't sleep!

So exhausted, I easily fall asleep.  So exhausted, I fall asleep on the couch.  So exhausted, I crawl into bed hoping.  A few hours later, I faintly wake only to realize it's way too early to get up.  I snuggle in again and doze off for a bit, only to wake and realize it's way too early to get up.  This time I lean up and see I have one more hour to sleep.  I wonder why can't I sleep and I turn over to snuggle right in again.  My alarm goes off and I get up reluctantly, feeling a need for more sleep.  

As I get dressed to walk my dogs, I wonder why couldn't I sleep?  A few things rumble threw my  mind.  My day was pretty well planned out for my students.  There isn't really pressing decisions to make right now.  My girls aren't busy with activities right now, so our weeknights are a bit relaxing.  I have 10/46 conferences left but not til Wednesday night and this is the home stretch with NCTE in my future!  

My day went well and tonight I was still thinking about why I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't sleep because the weatherman had promised SNOW.  Snow is uncommon in November.  I love snow.  It's pretty and bright.  It's peaceful and life seems to slow down.  While I walked the dogs this morning, my steps were truly a crunch crunch crunching and I thought about poetry.  It was cold and it quickened my pace but not without noticing the stars and the stillness of life before many rise.  I have a wonderful wall of windows at school and all day I enjoyed seeing the tufts of white on my bushes and bird feeders.  Snow brings lots of anticipation for people - safe driving, delays, snow days, and what to wear.  I hope the next time you see snow you are able to stop, wonder, and enjoy.


Thank you Dana for hosting Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slice of Life - Surprises!

There is a lot to accomplish on the home front to get out the door.  Mornings require juggling and balance, kindness and respect, guidance and letting go.  Often a little faith is needed and hopes for the day are rattling through my mind.  The girls are striving for independence.  Sometimes watching their internal struggle for that and liking things being done for them is tricky to live.  Daily, I remind myself all these things are shifting and changing.  Next year, I will have two not three girls to fill my mornings.  My drive to work will be all alone for the first time in 18 years.  I am intrigued by what this will all look and feel like and with that I have my own internal struggle with not wanting these mornings to change even when I am running a bit late.

Running a bit late, I dash into school.  I try to make quick sense of my classroom.  I needed to get to a staff breakfast this morning to greet and welcome our visitor for the day.  I was really excited because Wonderopolis was here to visit our school.  I scan the room, find a few people to chat with, grab half a bagel and as I am scanning for a seat - surprise!  I get to meet Laura from Wonderopolis and she hands me a box with my name on it.  Wonderopolis sent me an official Wonder Jar!  It's filled with such goodness.  Objects to foster questioning.  Objects to send us to the Wonderopolis website.  A model for creating our own wonder jars.  I can't wait to see where our learning goes from here.  Thank you Wonderopolis for supporting our learning and for surprises!

Dana at Two Writing Teachers, thanks for hosting.