Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Slice of Life - Laminators Are Like Life

I had a parent volunteer in my room this morning and I was explaining to her how to use the laminator for postcards we are getting ready to send to Rwanda, Africa.  She had never laminated before so I had my hands going to help show how the rollers move and you slide in the paper between.  I think my speech probably started to speed up as I imagined the rollers going fast.  

I personally like to laminate everything on slow.  I think it creates a better seal.  I was sharing this with her and told her my best tip is to put the laminator on pause, just stop it so it doesn't keep rolling.  When it keeps rolling, I feel like I have to go so fast and then I end of wasting lamination because I can't line everything up.  I shared with her it's really great because you can stop and put things on pause to set up another batch  of cards to be laminated.  She commented to me, "this sounds like my life.  A pause stop button would be great."

Her comparison was perfect.  Life is busy and sometimes we do feel like we are rolling from one thing to another.  We all need a stop/pause button to realign and not be wasteful.   

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting and fostering our writing community.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slice of Life - Hey, Low Fuel!

Today I read two beautiful and important words!  Low fuel.  You can read my slight frustration over the placement of my gas gauge in a previous post, I love my Honda, but not my gas gauge!  One week ago today I got a new van.  We upgraded our van and yes, if you live in a minivan world we got the one with the HondaVac system.  You read that right, I have a vacuum in my minivan.  It will come in very handy but today I found a feature I think that is equally handy.  When my gas gauge got low, the center information screen read LOW FUEL in large orange letters.  Where I keep my right hand on the steering wheel blocks the view of the normal gas gauge in the bottom right corner.  Having this notification clear, crisp and simple is perfect.  Having this notification right in the center of my view is perfect.  Now let's hope when I try out my HondaVac system I give it a perfect review.  


When I saw this photo I thought these two words could relate to teaching this year.  It's been a hard year around the country as people figure out the Common Core and what that means for children and our instruction.  It's been a hard year in the world of assessments, at any grade level.  It's been a hard year in Ohio with Student Learning Objectives and increased teacher evaluations.  It's been a hard year with budgets cut yet everyone expecting the status quo to remain the same.  Maybe just recognizing sometimes we are running on low fuel and we need to refill is necessary.  The HondaVac system is a perk in my new minivan.  I think we need to make sure we all know the perks in our lives and make sure we take time to refill.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for hosting and nudging us to capture a bit of life - fostering a writing community.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Celebrate This Week

Sometimes we have to stop and celebrate just one day.  Birthdays are a gift and each year is a blessing.  So, today I am sharing goodness throughout my actual birthday.  I'm so glad it's a day with my family and spring has arrived.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrate This Week

I'm in!  I'm here and I do have things to celebrate!  I wasn't holding out when Ruth started Celebrate This Week.  I was actually sitting in the presentation she was giving when this little seed started to rumble this past fall.  I've watched from afar, I've read what others are celebrating weekly, and yet I didn't jump right in.  Fast forward to today and I can't be afar anymore.  I ended my spring break trip a day early and we drove straight home from Florida to spend today with Ruth and my Literacy Connection colleagues.  As I listen to Ruth today, I know celebration is purposeful, needed, and necessary in many aspects of my life.  Here are a few celebrations from my week.

1.  Spending time in temperatures double of Ohio right now, surrounded by sunshine has nourished my soul.

2.  Spending time with my immediate family without schedules and free choice all day long was fun.

3.  Watching my daughters and husband interact with my in-laws brought smiles and laughter to everyone.  Having grandparents far away is sad, so our time together is precious.

4.  I got to read 5 books!

5.  I re-created the habit of walking each morning and yes got up today to walk my two dogs in colder temperatures.

6.  Ending my spring break with an energizing group of teachers brought together by The Literacy Connection and the amazing Ruth Ayers will guide the last seven weeks of school and what might come my way.