Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Slice of Life - Laminators Are Like Life

I had a parent volunteer in my room this morning and I was explaining to her how to use the laminator for postcards we are getting ready to send to Rwanda, Africa.  She had never laminated before so I had my hands going to help show how the rollers move and you slide in the paper between.  I think my speech probably started to speed up as I imagined the rollers going fast.  

I personally like to laminate everything on slow.  I think it creates a better seal.  I was sharing this with her and told her my best tip is to put the laminator on pause, just stop it so it doesn't keep rolling.  When it keeps rolling, I feel like I have to go so fast and then I end of wasting lamination because I can't line everything up.  I shared with her it's really great because you can stop and put things on pause to set up another batch  of cards to be laminated.  She commented to me, "this sounds like my life.  A pause stop button would be great."

Her comparison was perfect.  Life is busy and sometimes we do feel like we are rolling from one thing to another.  We all need a stop/pause button to realign and not be wasteful.   

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting and fostering our writing community.

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