Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Slice of Life - Slowing down a beating heart.

My heart beats a bit faster, right now.

The end of the year brings lots to do in a teacher's world.  We are celebrating our nonfiction writing and have been collaborating with our art and music teacher to create a sharing performance for parents.  We've used water colors and black sharpies to illustrate our gorilla research books.  I am holding special reading meetings with each student and celebrating their reading growth using the Developmental Reading Assessment.  We are working on number sense and fluidly making arrangements for ten.  Then there is all the teacher paperwork behind the scenes to complete.  We have just four days together and I'm feeling a lot of, we aren't done yet.

However, my heart beats a bit faster, right now for other reasons.

My oldest is graduating from high school on Saturday.  We just did our senior photos tonight.  Thank goodness for some dental work progress and the age of digital editing and sharing.  My middle daughter is wrapping up one softball season to start another and she is graduating from middle school the following week.  My youngest is graduating from elementary school the same day next week.   I have moments when my heart slows down and I'm caught off guard, fighting tears.  Tears are just a way to release a lot of goodness.

I've realized I need to find ways to slow down my beating heart.

1.  Hold our graduation party a week after school is out for me and enjoy our family and friends who are coming from out of town and in town.

2.  Move 11 year old birthday party a week and half past the actual birthday, after the graduation party.

3.  Take a blogging vacation.  I'll be back June 3rd.  I might stop by via twitter and instagram but it will be less.

Have a great three weeks everyone, and enjoy this time of year.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting our writing community.