Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Slice of Life - Sharing the Journey

I spent today and yesterday in a class titled, TI in the Cloud.  Day one was spent learning about Schoology and day two was spent learning about Google Drive.  The course was designed really well.  Knowledge was presented in a mini lesson format with visuals and computers opened for participants to be working and trying things out.  As students, we listened but conversations were allowed softly at many times.  Not only were we trying to do things as it was presented we had many small mini work sessions during the day to do what we were learning.  Then in the afternoon we had a big chunk of time to do the work needed for the class project.  The best part was the instructors availability to teach and meet each student's needs, as they did the work.  The best learning happens while learners are doing, discovering, and making mistakes.  This wonderful format repeated itself for the second day.  

I went home the first day feeling energized because I felt great as a student.  I went home the first day feeling drained and uncertain.  I had to process what I was learning, play around a little more, and define the purpose and function of these two tools.  I knew going back for day two I needed a friend to bounce ideas of off, to help me process what I was thinking.  Collaboration and being with people is important for learning.  I found my friend.  The seat next to her was empty and I would have to say we had a grand time together.  

She went home last night too and worked in Schoology.  We helped each other process and think about our purpose, organization, and the how to of each.  We tried things out for each other.  We jumped off course a bit at times to work on where we were with our knowledge and then got back right on track with the class.  We got out early from class but stayed to wrap up a few things we were trying.  I'm so glad I have a friend on this journey with me.  

Reversing roles can be very productive.  I'm going to be thinking about the process, conditions for learning, student engagement, and discussions.  Sharing the journey with someone seemed to elevate the learning and work done today.  It was fun having someone to share my excitement when things worked and looked the way I wanted them to.


  1. It's a true challenge to support teachers in tech. It's hard to find the balance between the teaching and teachers collaborating. Sounds like you had just the right balance and had two very productive days as a learner. Nothing better than that. :)

  2. So important to sit in the student chair!