Saturday, August 23, 2014

Celebrate This Week - Possibilities

This week I am celebrating possibilities.

I've been back in school for a week and half with students and I've already had Curriulum Night.  I've conducting All About Me  and Reading Interviews.  Then I had the students write answers for me to surveys about math, writing, and word study.  I had these out for parents to view when we gathered to learn more about second grade and the hopes the students and I have for the year.  This information has given me a lot of insight to my group of new friends, possibilities are ahead for us.

I also did something a bit different this year, I stepped back and didn't have volunteer sign ups or a donation list ready.  I was honest my home life has been busy and we would be online with those things in a week.  I appreciated their patience and no one seemed bothered they weren't ready to go.  The possibility of putting something on pause is okay.

I am also celebrating for the first time the possibilities of higher education for one of our daughters.  She went a couple of days early to assist with move in day and we couldn't be more excited to how she embraces opportunities and possibilities.  She's off to a great start!

Thank you Ruth, for supporting us in finding the positive in our busy lives.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrate This Week - Second Grade!

Today I am celebrating second grade!

I have 20 new friends.  7 friends are new to me.  13 friends and I spent kindergarten together and seeing them now two years later is really fun.  Second graders are independent.  Second graders know how to "do" school.  Second graders can work quietly.  Second graders can verbalize higher level thinking.  Second graders can read independently and write lots of sentences.  Second graders are eager to learn multiplication and read books.  I'm eager to spend the year with them.

On a side note, I am less tired mentally and physically with just one class of students who come every day all day long.  Every day is new and different and continues from the day before.  Life is good, after just one week.  I might just keep singing, "celebrate good times, come on!"

Thanks Ruth for reminding me to stop and capture the positive from the week with your Celebrate This Week community.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Celebrate This Week

So, excited to be back and celebrating this week with Ruth Ayers.  
Thank you for hosting, Ruth.

Today I wanted to celebrate taking a month off from blogging and give a sneak peak to what is ahead in my writing journey.  I've thought about writing and realize shorter post will allow for more writing.  Also, having a monthly plan/outline can guide my writing.  I hope to share more later about this.  I've studied some blogs I follow outside the education word and discovered some features I like and think I can carryover to my own format.  I hope you can stop by and join me this month.  While walking on vacation this week I dictated a list of posts I hope to write during a month.

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Writing Communities I hope to participate with each month

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