Saturday, February 28, 2015

Celebrate This Week - #olwnourish

Today is the perfect day to share how I embraced my one little word - nourish for 2015 participate in Ruth's Celebrate This Week community.  I really tried to be intentional and recognize what nourishes my soul for February but I made some discoveries this month that were interesting.  While February is the shortest calendar month it's been the longest month in Ohio with winter kicking in full force which makes me more anxious for spring.  Sometimes you have to enjoy what nourishes your soul and miss a photo opportunity.  Sometimes what nourishes your soul is hard and takes patience.  I'm going to ponder more but maybe nourish leads to learning and growing - inside and out.


Row 1 - final four, her dedication page, exploring German Village with good friends
Row 2 - quilt fabric shopping, #nf10for10, college visit
Row 3 - fun with data analysis, sewing, Eric Litwin and I!
Row 4 - finally fun in the snow, great pd book, quilt top
Row 5 - finally a decent snow fall, planning, fun shoes
Row 6 - quilt piecing, Girl Scout cookies, reading

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Celebrate This Week - Dublin Lit 2015!

Today I celebrate a great day each February when I can gather with old friends, local friends, friends from afar, and make new friends.  I'm so fortunate to live right around the corner from the Dublin Literacy Conference and realized last night I will have lots of small moments today to celebrate.  Celebrations of learning and friendships.  I hope to share and update this post during the day with my celebrations. I hope you will stop back and join my journey.

Thank you Ruth, for supporting us in finding the positive in our busy lives.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Slice of Life - Life Lessons from Visiting with Author Eric Litwin

Starting our school day with Eric Litwin a couple of weeks ago was absolutely the best!  We were laughing, singing, moving, and enjoying literacy.  I really enjoyed hearing Eric share his story.  He is a former teacher.  He then chuckled and called himself a recovering teacher.  He found as a teacher he needed books with more movement, call and response, repetition, and music.  He shared he left the classroom for books.  His intention when he left teaching was to help children learn how to read.  He's done just that and plans to continue doing this important work with active literacy.

Eric shared stories about his journey.  Part of his journey was creating the first four Pete the Cat stories which were a huge success and launched his book writing career.  He also pointed out books in a series can have more than one author as Pete the Cat does.  What a great angle to share when two people decide to stop working together, very respectful and simple.  I hadn't thought about series having more than one author as an explanation but they can.

The highlight of my day was being a page turner for Eric as he performed Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, which is one of my favorites.  Watching our primary grade students sing and enjoy Eric's work with him reminded me how important it is for students to connect with authors and those working on writing.

We were able to hear his new project but were asked to not speak of it, take photos or do any video recordings.  To honor his wishes I can't tell you any particulars but can share it sounds like a lot of fun for students and families to enjoy.

It should be out this fall.  My students really enjoy his new book, The Nuts; Bedtime at the Nut House.  I initially thought the concept of nuts not wanting to go to bed was too simple for my second graders.  I was quickly proved wrong as my students made connections and wrote their own tales of avoiding bedtime.  Which are honest and quite adorable to read for enjoyment.

In just 45 minutes I was reminded of a few life lessons.  You can change your path in life and follow your dream.  Those dreams can come true.  Details don't have to be shared when plans change and being positive about those changes is nice.  Sharing secrets with lots of people takes bravery and being one of those people receiving a secret feels like a gift and requires respect.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slice of Life - Sliding Paper Under the Door

She wants to be alone, yet I'm worried why she is behind her bedroom door.  It wasn't a quiet entrance to her bedroom.  The door is locked and there are sniffles.  I try to touch base.  It wasn't well received.  I wait and fold laundry.  I try to touch base again using a soft gentle knock and voice.  It wasn't well received.  I find more laundry to keep folding.  Then I think of a new idea.  I grab a piece of paper and a pencil.  I sit in the hallway outside her door and jot a a phrase or two, purposefully writing a question.  I slide it under her door and wait.  I can tell she picks it up to read.  I wait.  The paper slides back with a one word answer.  We continue to communicate in this manner for a bit of time until the door opens and hugs are received.

Sometimes space is needed.  Sometimes verbal words are too hard.  Sometimes writing is easier.  It brings peace, safety and a refocus needed to continue with the day.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for fostering the Slice of Life writing community.