Monday, March 9, 2015

Slice of Life - Cherishing 3 Minutes of My Day

As I walked around our meeting space glancing at individual white boards today, I saw comparison bar models galore.  I just smiled and felt my heart warm.  It wasn't always this way.  We had a lot of learning to do together to understand how these were a tool we could use to make sense of a math problem.  Today for a few minutes, I saw that journey pay off and be successful for each student in my room.  Not only did they have success individually, we've had success together.  Adjusting and taking the time to work through some difficult stretches has paid off.  This is truly a 3 minute slice of my day and that needs to cherished for many hours. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing       this writing challenge.


  1. Wow! Moments like this keep us going through the hard times. So glad you captured and cherished this success!

  2. A moment to savor for sure.