Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slice of Life - going through books like...

"Last summer, I was going through books like chocolate!"  

This is from Sinead a former student of mine and the highlight of the softball carpool drive home tonight.  Sinead is now a freshman in high school and isn't reading anything for fun and not required from school.  So sad, but my daughter listened to what she likes to read and has a book for her to take on the softball trip.   Of course, I told her she had to have a one book reading goal for break and I will be checking in on her.  Small goals are good.  It's my hope if she reads one book, she will remember reading is fun when you can choose what you want and/or get recommendations from friends.  I'm going to check in on Sinead this summer and hope she has a box of chocolates with her book.  Maybe that could be a present from me to her, an even better idea.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.


  1. the present sounds like a good idea. This reminds of Donalyn Miller in The Book Whisperer, who wrote about her students coming back to her to get books to read because their next teacher did not let them choose or did not give them time to read.

  2. How sad that books are not like chocolate right now. You and your daughter can bring her back into the light of books. I have faith.

  3. What a great idea!! My son is a freshman and while he is loving the classics he is being assigned - I do miss his time for pleasure reading. He does manage to keep one book going - even if only for 10 minutes a day. A bet a box of chocolate would help!! Thanks for sharing