Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slice of Life March Challenge Warm Up

I'm cruising along with my two four legged furry friends.  We are rounding the road and making our second pass of the pond.  I stop - a bit startled.  I start wondering, how did I miss this white sparkling spot glistening on top of the pond.  I never linger on an early morning walk, but I did today.  The spot I'm observing is a perfect circle with flickering horizontal lines.  I look up and see the moon - my spot is the reflection of the moon.  As I unlinger, I figure out it's the angle in which we were walking that let me see the moons reflection.  It soon disappeared as we continued cruising on our journey.  I hope the sparkling and glistening spot and that moment to linger guides my day.

I had the privilege to spend time with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater this past weekend of the The Poem Farm and was inspired to notice more, write about those observations, and collect writing.  I also usually write on my laptop for a post but today I used my special notebook to write first.  I think I have a little niche I want to think about during the March Slice of Life Challenge.  Let the writing begin.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting and encouraging a writing community.