Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Slice of Life - African Violets

strong stems
reaching for the sun
sturdy rich green leaves
remind me of velour fabric
purple blossoms with an iridescent sheen
four, five, or six rounded petals make a blossom
a small burst of yellow pops from the center
houseplant success
my grandma would be proud, she loved African Violets

These are actually notes I took while stopping to notice the blooming African Violet as I was watering my plants tonight.  I thought about turning them into a complete sentence but didn't like how wordy that seemed.  It's not meant to be a poem or list, today.  It's a collection of words describing what I thought when I stopped and noticed.  Tonight there was another layer to my writing - I wanted to know more about the blossom and did some research.  I discovered the parts of the blossom are; petals, filament, anther, style, and stigma.  I made notes off to the side in my notebook.  Feeling like a writer on day 2.

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  1. Mandy - stopping to notice the world around you and putting it in words on paper - you can't get much more writerly than that!!

  2. African Violets were always my grandmother's favorite too. I always loved how pretty they were but never seemed to be able to keep them alive. I would always bring them to her house so she could breathe life back into them. :) Beautiful notes!

  3. Yay! Here you are! African Violets are the hardest house plant for me to keep. I've learned it might be the wondering from under that is the secret. Perhaps? Funny how plants remind us of the people we love.


  4. Your notes are poetry. I love the velour look of the petals, they beg me to touch them. Research, just because you want to know more. Something we need to instill in students. Just because I want to know.