Saturday, March 26, 2016

Slice of Life - Cozy and Comfortable

cozy and comfortable
warm and wonderful
snow and snuggly

feels like.....
bundled in a blanket
snug as a bug in a rug
swaddled like a baby

protects from snow, sleet, hail, and cold
prevents frostbit and hypothermia
embraces me!

It's been chilly enough early in the morning where my parka is still needed and a perfect fit for my early morning walks with my dogs.  However, today it was 60 and as we went to the zoo, I grabbed my parka.  It just feels right.  We would be outside a long time with a light breeze.  I don't have another long coat but I might need to find a light one because I can't seem to part with this coat.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can stop by the link provided to enjoy other slices from today.


  1. Yes! It is finally 60 degrees. We had snow, sleet, hail, and ice here a few days ago, but so much nicer today. Your poem was so appropriate!

  2. Having trouble giving up my parka too. Our weather is swinging wildly-- 70 on Tuesday, 18 inches of snow on Wednesday, 40's on Thursday and Friday, then a couple of more inches of snow today. And I'd rather be too warm than too cold anyway!

  3. Love my long down coat -never put it away -- it is always in the closet. You never know!!! Keep it and don't look back!!

  4. Your parka sounds wonderfully warm. And hello to your dogs. I love a warm coat when I walk my dog in the morning too.

  5. Love your play with the words and sounds! Sometimes a parka is the best choice to protect one from the elements.