Thursday, March 31, 2016

Slice of Life - Reflections

31 Days
Hooray and Phew!

When I decided to join Slice of Life 2016 I wanted to notice, gather ideas, and collect stories.  I decided to use a notebook and mechanical pencil in hopes of making the gatherings of ideas a habit.  I found taking notes in a list format my preferred method.  As I typed my posts, I would add white space - do some editing and tweaking.  Then I tried to share nuggets and/or why I wrote/gathered these notes.  I began sharing my writing - my readers who left comments referred to my slices as poetry, quite often.  I was surprised.  I did play a bit with white space and words but never intended to write poetry.  I'm still not sure any of my slices are poetry.  They are just notes and thoughts; Snippets for/of stories.  However - writers can't ignore feedback and their readers, so maybe I need to ponder the ideas of my slices as poetry.  

I really did see the value of gathering my thoughts in a notebook - two slices made writing mini lessons easier the next day in class.  I leave this monthly community with two more thoughts I've read, heard, and now can attest to.  To be a teacher of writing, you need to write.  Using a notebook is a tool for idea gathering, collecting, and rehearsal.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers!


  1. Totally think it is poetry!!! Love your takeaways -- I am really thinking more about how to help kids play and discover more in their notebooks. Glad I am up to read your last slice!

  2. I really need to start a notebook, as I write slices just sitting at the computer. Noticing and noting is best practice.

  3. You are so right. To be a teacher of writing, you have to write. And you do!

  4. I knew you were not intentionally creating poetry but it seems that short lines with key words to build images brings the reader to think poetry. Perhaps you've created a new form of poetry, accidental poems. What a good way this could be to get kids started writing poetry. Just a thought. 😃
    Thanks for your comments this month. Glad I could clear up the mystery of who this stalker person was in your life. 😃 Someday we will have that coffee.

  5. It has been a great month of writing! I enjoyed your posts. I am thinking that we need to help kids find the playfulness of a notebook (or some other form of collecting ideas). Thanks for your thoughts.