Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slice of Life - Sewing Badges On

gather materials
Girl Scout sash
Girl Scout badges
khaki thread for bobbin
matches sash color
decide on badge edge color
select corresponding thread spool
thread machine
select zig zag stitch
reduce stitch size

clunk clunk clunk
tch tch tch tch tch
ting ting ting ting
dindan dindan dindan dindan
maybe these words describe
the sewing machine sound

snip threads
pick new badge
pick new corresponding thread color

There are lots of quicker ways to adhere Girl Scout badges to a vest or sash.  You can use clear nylon thread for each of them if sewing them on by a machine.  You can iron them on, now.  I've heard of people glueing them on with fabric glue or a hot glue gun.  I've seen them attached with safety pins.  However, I personally don't like the look of any of these because I like how my Mama sewed them on for me.  It just feels right to me.

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  1. You're lucky your Mama taught you to sew.

  2. I always loved that my mom sewed my badges on too! What a great memory you're giving to your daughter.

  3. I always sewed the badges on by hand. and I really secured them on! Lovely slice - took me back in time!

  4. I hated sewing Boy Scout badges on his shirt. It was so hard to get the needle through the badge. Love the sounds you created for the sewing.

  5. Brings back good memories for me, Mandy, of mine and then my children's. Love that you wrote a poem about it. I am still in touch with a few from my troop of long ago.

  6. I so remember sewing badges on my girl scout sash. Your poem brought it back to me. I loved your onomatopoeia.

  7. Family traditions extend to the most careful of details - lovely that you are doing this the way you learned from your mom!

  8. Like the way present and past merged...

  9. I would be the fabric glue mom. LOL. I'm not a bit surprised to find you sew them on --- and for the record this seems like it might be on its way to poem or perhaps an informational text (or maybe some new hybrid **wink wink**).