Friday, March 4, 2016

Slice of Life - Snow!

bright white everywhere
flakes with substance
fluffy ground cover
brings depth to branches
freshness in the air
ripples mimic a sandy beach
sparkles glisten - guiding the day

I like stopping and noticing during my day and I've begun pondering what I might write as I notice.  I've decided to focus on the noticing and maybe try to keep the emotion out of my pieces right now.  This is proving to be a bit challenging because I really just wanted to write, FINALLY, snow that covered the branches and turned my world into a miniature snow globe!  Maybe I can use these tidbits I gather as I slice during my poetry writing unit that is coming up in my classroom.  This morning is probably only the third snowfall worth talking about in Ohio because the snowflakes were finally big enough to change the scenery around here.  It wasn't the amount of snow, we all went to school but it was enough to make my soul settle.  

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can enjoy other slices from today by stopping by the link provided.


  1. "It was enough to make my soul settle. "

    Great expression, Mandy. I love your idea of sticking to the noticing. I'm going to follow your lead. We start our poetry unit in after Spring Break and I'm going to be ready!

  2. Love the line "ripples mimic a sandy beach." We had the same type of snow here in eastern PA - just enough to turn the world into a snow globe.

  3. I love your poem about the snow. I also love the phrase "make my soul settle", what a great way to describe the satisfying feeling of something anticipated. Beautiful words Mandy.

  4. I love all your slices so far -- I want to try poetry more and you are really experimenting with noticing and describing. I love freshness in the air -- I can totally feel and smell what you are describing. Can you mix emotion with stopping and noticing?

    1. Hi Clare, I think you probably can mix emotion with stopping and noticing but I wanted to focus on word choice and really noticing, what am I seeing in my world. The other day I felt emotions were going to take my writing off track from my goal.

  5. What a great poem! I am wih Clare above. I have been wanting to try more poetry since seeing all of these great posts!

    I also love how you are using your noticing - do you have your students start out writing poetry the same way?

    1. Hi Brooke, Thank for stopping by. I've had no intentions of writing poetry for my slices. Several people of commenting on my slices as poetry and I'm really writing them as collection of phrases and looking carefully at each line. Thinking I might expand upon these ideas in other pieces. However, I do love my poetry writing unit and this is something we use. I recently spent time with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater and she urged writers to notice.