Saturday, September 17, 2016

An Invitation {Celebrate this Week}

When I began teaching, I learned about a wonderful local organization promoting the use of children's literature in classrooms.  Several of my colleagues were involved with The Literacy Connection and I enjoyed hearing their conversations about the programming they were planning and organizing.  I attended a session or two early on and then didn't so I could be home as much as possible with the girls.  

I then switched school districts, needed some continuing education credits, and missed the spirit of my old school.  I decided to look into The Literacy Connection for their programming and fell in love.  Yes, it's true - I love my time I spend learning with The Literacy Connection community.  People come because they want to.  People choose to study a professional book for the year.  The author of these professional books comes twice to speak, share, and listen as we learn together.  I love listening to professional authors.

I'll never forget that first year I returned and navigated my way into Max Brand and Franki Sibberson's small group because I was a huge fan, quite the stalker move.  I hung back as I saw people start to gather and form groups.  I didn't make eye contact with a couple of people in my new district in hopes of being asked to join the neighboring school district which was closer to my house with Franki.  It worked.  I was going to go and visit Max Brand's classroom!  As I sat there with two of my heroes, I just wanted to pinch myself.  

After several years of attending, I finished and maxed out my continuing education credits and thought I would save some money and take a year or two off.  That didn't work, my heart was calling me to go.  Connecting with others who want to learn on a Saturday, drives my own work and passion.    Seeing friends from neighboring districts fuels my soul.  I called the Wednesday before the first Saturday and asked if I could still come.  Of course, they said yes.  

Today I attended my first board meeting for The Literacy Connection.  When I got my invitation email this summer I couldn't believe it.  I was so surprised and honored.  I'm really looking forward to my participation as a board member and continuing the work to promote childrens literature.  

If you are local or can travel, please consider joining us for our visits with Kate Roberts this year, as we study her and Maggie B Roberts book DIY Literacy, Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor, and Independence.

Thank you Ruth at Ruth Ayers Writes for encouraging us to find daily celebrations in our lives.  If you want to read more positive things stop by this week's post, Hug Em'.



  1. I am so excited for this new opportunity for you. Like you, I love Literacy Connection and the people. You say something key here...people who come because they want to. I think that's so important for PD and it fuels my thinking as a coach.

  2. Wow, this sounds like such a wonderful addition to professional learning, and congratulations for your new board appointment, Mandy. Being with a group that continues to learn is pure inspiration! Have a lovely Sunday and coming week!

  3. "My heart was calling me to go." I totally understand this. It's why I still attend literacy events even though I'm retired. I find myself there because literacy is my passion. I wish I could join you for the visits with Kate Roberts, but I think the commute might be a bit more than I can handle. Instead, I'll head to Poetry Camp at the end of this month at Western Washington University.

  4. Congrats on being on the Literacy Connection board! YAY, YOU!! I need to get myself registered!!

  5. What a great professional learning group. I wish I lived closer. It's great that you've found such a wonderful group that fits you and your goals.