Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tending to our Hearts {Slice of Life}

It's falling at a light steady pace.  There's a rhythm and a sense of calm within my sight.  A glistening brightness is covering our view.  It starts to call my name.   I find out it's inside recess and that doesn't feel right.  The temperature is warm enough and I wrestle with a few thoughts.  Sure there's an accumulation on the ground.  Sure the playground is not black.  Sure the students don't have boots.  Then my thoughts stop wrestling and I listened to my heart.

Students need fresh air.  Students need to be free.  Students need to be kids.  Students need to run, giggle and embrace the magic that is happening outside.   We snuck outside for 10 minutes and those ten minutes were filled with joy, laughter, excitement, smiles, and delight.  My heart was fuller and I like to think I took time to tend to the hearts of my students.

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  1. Beautifully crafted and warmed my heart!!! You totally did the right thing - we all need to be outside more especially on a day that is filled with the magic of falling snow.


  2. Who can resist the wonder and magic of snow... even if for only 10 minutes. I enjoyed the craft moves you used to tell the story.