Saturday, July 22, 2017

Softball Season {Celebrate This Week}

Today I'm celebrating softball season.

Softball season makes me sit.  Softball season makes me enjoy the sunshine.  Softball season lets me meet new friends.  Softball season gives me time to knit and read.  Softball gives me a reason to eat ice cream after a game.  It's easy to be content when softball is here, it's summer.  

Softball season ends today and while I enjoy the season, I'm a little tired.  I've been watching or talking softball since March 1st.  I've watched losses and wins.  I've watched at bats with hits and some with strikes.  I've watched two catchers in the spring and in the summer just one first-base gal.  I've watched stretches and balls caught.  I've seen frustration and tears.  I've heard grumbles to yelling to laughter and reasonableness.  I've watched leaders on the field and bottoms on the bench.

I've had a player turn umpire with younger girls and while she was earning money she kept her head in the game in a new way.  She's played since she was five and I'm happy she didn't completely walk away.  When you love something and enjoy it win or lose sticking with it is important.  

Last week I just couldn't wrap my head around a celebration.  I tried and I enjoyed Ruth's post about keep showing up for celebrations even when things are hard.  My week wasn't hard - it felt normal but nothing jumped out at me to celebrate.  So, I wanted to not only celebrate the ending of softball but little things that add to our softball season of life.  

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us to stop and celebrate things in our lives.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Haiku #10 {Poetry Friday}

summer's natural fireworks
red orange yellow

I've been admiring some new coneflowers I planted near the end of summer last year.  They aren't the typical purple color I have planted in other areas of my gardens.  I made a list of words to play around with and did some research for synonyms for blossom and bloom.  I wanted a third word to go with those two but didn't really find one I liked.  Instead, I learned a new word and decided it was a great lead for this haiku; efflorescence - state or period of blossoming.

It's late and dark right now but I hope to take a picture and include it in the am.

Thank you Katie at Logonauts for hosting Poetry Friday this week. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Breakfast Conversation {Slice of Life}

Me: You shouldn't be watching videos after lights out.
Me:  Technology is a tool.
Me:  We need to work on balancing when and how you use it.
Me:  Be with people.
Me:  Look up information and then put it down.
Me:  I think we are going to take a break from it for a week over vacation.

Her:  I can do that but I might need it for the car ride.
Me:  Nope, not even on the car ride, you can do other things.

Her:  I get it!  It's not a lifestyle!

This is how our day started over breakfast.  I was using my calm voice with wait time for processing. She knew I wasn't thrilled she was on it when I checked in.  Some times I do still check in just to make sure she's settled in.  I think I'll look up the definition of lifestyle but in this quiet moment we both burst out laughing as she heard my words and began processing them. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Haiku #9 Plus One {Poetry Friday}

walk, hop, scamper
white bushy tail confusion
bounding along

Earlier this summer we were walking through a park downtown and spotted a white city creature at the base of a very tall tree.  At first I thought it was a rabbit but the ears were too short and the tail was too long and bushy.  It moved a bit like a squirrel.  My girls acted as if seeing a white squirrel was normal.  It brought me great confusion and I wonder if it brought the squirrel some confusion.  

Thank you Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

PS - I didn't intend to declare a poetry project this summer but this haiku journey keeps happening and while I LOVE some homemade macaroni and cheese I just couldn't change the nature settings for my haiku so here's something simple and easy.  I'm adding macaroni and cheese to my menu this weekend with some turkey hotdogs and green beans.  Just how I like it.

M - many meals
A - anticipating
C - cheese
A - anticipating
N - noodles
D - delicious
C - craving
H - homemade
E - eager
E - expecting
S - simple
E - excellent

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Get It {Slice of Life}

"I have a purpose.  
I have a reason.  
I kind of understand why people use Youtube!"

Self talk - a couple of nights ago.

Back story leading to the small moment -

I need to finish my sleeves and hem the bottom of my dress.  I've been using my serger sewing machine because I need to learn how to use it more and it's best for knit fabrics which this is.  For hems and finishing the pattern suggest converting the machine to do a cover stitch.  If you have a t-shirt on flip up the hem and that's a cover stitch.  Straight lines on the outside and a herringbone-ish stitch on the back covering the fabric edge that was folded up.  I have no clue how to convert my machine.  I look in the manual and I don't quite understand all the steps.  

I wonder if Youtube has a video.  When I was stuck changing the thread on this machine I found a video and it was a life saver!  I'm not a Youtube user.  I sometimes get frustrated when my daughters are watching it, one can get lost there but she often is watching how to videos.  My search is successful.  I started saving videos in a Serger How To folder and as I began working I found my self capturing the thoughts above.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for gathering this writing community.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Idea to Action; Sharing my Super Reader Life! {Celebrate this Week}

I'm celebrating Idea to Action; Sharing my Super Reader Life!

I've been trying different things to share my reading life visually with my students and families but my various attempts never took off too successfully.  I'd start with excitement and think it would be effective but it would fizzle on my end or my viewers end.  Then I was having trouble archiving these sharing so if I wanted them all for a lesson, I could find them.

Today I'm celebrating launching my new Instagram account mrs.robek_reads

But here's the what I'm celebrating more...the planning behind this new Instagram account.  I recently read Every Child a Super Reader and I plan on implementing a lot of ideas of this text.  After reading this text I was even more motivated to share my own reading life in hopes of making my reading mentoring more visible.  I love photos and I love Instagram.  I've shared reading life pictures on my own personal account but for students I would share different things and word my thinking differently.   

My planning became key for this project.  

I found Scholastic has a hashtag #superreader which I decided to use on all my post.  Then I decided if I wanted to find certain things for me I could start those hashtags with mr - Mandy Robek or Mrs. Robek.  I like to share and want to show my students my reading spots, where I get books and where I sneak in reading; #mrreadingspots, #mrgetsbooks, and #mrsneakyreading will archive these categories.  The super reader strengths; belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope will have their own hashtag that starts with mr - Mandy Robek or Mrs. Robek, then super reader, then strength; #mrsuperreaderbelonging.  This seems like a lot of thinking but once I took notes for what each strength could show from my reading my archiving makes sense to me and I am SUPER excited!

This account, is for my students and families.  It's also for my friends interested in using it or sharing it with their students or own children.  It's public, but I do monitor who is allowed to follow me on any of my social media sites.  I won't be sharing my posts each time I post something via twitter but may toss out a reminder or an update about how it's going.  So, if you are interested in following my journey click the follow button on Instagram.  I'm really excited about how this week has been shaping up!

Thank you Ruth for giving us an opportunity to stop and celebrate something in our lives!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Haiku #8 {Poetry Friday}

dark low heavy clouds
looming grayness over head
summer downpour soon

I was running errands today with my daughter and I wanted to stop at one more store quickly.  I really needed a few things at Trader Joe's.  She checked my favorite weather app (Dark Sky) and said, "you have 20 minutes before heavy rain for the hour."  I replied, "I can do this."  As I looked to the sky for a chance Dark Sky wasn't right, this haiku is what I saw.  I appreciated the nudges from last week where friends suggested I could break away from the 5-7-5 pattern.  Mary Lee gave me something I could visualize; short, longer, short.  I thought I'd give it a try but I wanted to make sure I posted and shared today so I didn't even collect a list of words first, which I've really enjoyed.  So, I stuck to 5-7-5 because comfort led this piece without my pre-writing, collecting routine.

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Carol at Beyond Literacy Link.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Uncovered Advice {Slice of Life}

It's Monday morning and I'm talking through the day with my middle daughter.  She's got to get dressed, pick up her room, pick up a sewing project in process, start a second sewing project for fair, get ready for work, work, and make cupcakes with her sister that are red, white, and blue for a picnic we are going to tomorrow.  Increase the pace at which you read this because I do talk fast and I forgot to mention she was just eating breakfast for the day.

Her response - "Slow your roll."

I got really quiet and walked away and thought maybe that was a bit too much so soon.  Then I thought about starting the school year with my new friends.  While there's a lot of excitement to get going right away and there's a lot of energy for doing things just right and the to do list starts growing, maybe I need to "slow my roll".  After a little internet research I learned "slow your roll" is a metaphor for "applying the breaks, calming down, and/or take it easy.  I think those are three things worth considering in August. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Knowing {Celebrate this Week}

Today I'm celebrating knowing.

Tuesday night I received a group text message welcoming a first grade teacher in our building to the second grade team.  We needed to add a teacher but I've been a bit worried and trying to let go that I didn't have a confirmation on my own teaching assignment.  As I reread this text message I began to infer, I must be staying on the second grade team.  I could of just replied and asked if my inferring was right but I did some detective work and found out those being moved this year got a phone call.  I didn't get a phone call.  I didn't want to make a phone call.  Yippee I get to spend more time with transitional readers and writers.  I get to really put things together after figuring it out for three years to make this year the best one yet!  It's nice to have the knowing, my mind is finding peace.

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us to stop and notice Celebrations.